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    Point Isabel Independent School District

    Board Goals

    1. A qualified staff will be held accountable to implement a rigorous curriculum
    in a disciplined, safe learning environment committed to a higher standard of
    conduct, integrating interactive instructional technology to transform the
    educational experience of all students to be college or career ready.

    2. Evolving systems will be in place to empower and hold students accountable
    for continuous annual progress towards their personalized learning path.

    3. Point Isabel ISD will promote fiscal and fiduciary responsibility through
    comprehensive reviews to include human talent, facilities, technology, safety
    and security of all buildings, and allow for reallocation of funds to support
    and enhance the District of Innovation.

    4. Point Isabel ISD will build and expand a network of strong, positive
    relationships and partnerships with our communities, businesses, parents and
    staff to enhance the opportunities available to our students.

    Honor Tradition – Lead Innovation