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Coverage Event Request/Photo Submission Form

Coverage Request Guidelines


The Point Isabel Communications Department is responsible for managing all district wide branding, marketing, and advertising as well as overseeing all official communication between Point Isabel ISD, internal and external stakeholders, and the community to increase transparency and confidence in Point Isabel ISD. Through ongoing public relations efforts, the Point Isabel Communications Department plays an integral role in coordinating district wide communications, developing strategic partnerships, and initiating story ideas for coverage from across all schools and district departments as well as facilitating ongoing requests for news coverage from media outlets.


In order to help us plan to cover and highlight the wonderful news happening district wide accordingly, it is highly recommended that event coverage requests are submitted at least 3-5 days in advance.​ Requests must be submitted by current Point Isabel ISD staff members.


Examples of opportunities we look for district-level coverage include but are not limited to: ​

* New and innovative initiatives, projects,​ or programs

* Student and staff accomplishments/awards​

* State, local, or national accolades

* Inspirational stories​ from students and staff

* Special visitors​

* Special events open to our Point Isabel ISD Family and/or community 

* Athletic Signings

Please note that coverage is not guaranteed, but the Point Isabel ISD Communications Department will do its best to review and consider all requests. In the event someone from the team is not available to cover your event/request, we will work closely with your Campus administration to coordinate and make arrangements for coverage.


Should you have any questions or would like to follow up on a request, please contact the Point Isabel Communications Department at 956-943-0091.

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