2022-2023 High School Honors Night

On Friday, May 1st, 2023, Point Isabel's Early College High School held its annual Achievement Awards Night at the Port Isabel Event and Cultural Center. The event was a celebration of academic excellence, with students who maintained an A and A/B average being recognized and honored along with their parents. Additionally, the top 10 students from the senior graduating class were announced for recognition.

The evening was particularly special for two students, Oasys Martinez and Layni Mata, who became the first students of Point Isabel ISD to graduate with an associates degree. The achievement was met with enthusiastic applause and admiration from the audience, and the two students were presented with special certificates to commemorate their remarkable accomplishment.

The event was well-attended by proud parents, family members, friends, and faculty members. The Port Isabel Early College High School staff took the opportunity to congratulate the students and thank them for their dedication and hard work, which resulted in their outstanding academic performance.

Overall, the Port Isabel Early College High School Achievement Awards Night was a celebration of hard work, dedication, and academic excellence. The event was an opportunity for the school community to come together to recognize and honor the achievements of its outstanding students. Congratulations to all the students who were recognized, and to Oasys Martinez and Layni Mata for their incredible achievement!