Technology Support

Point Isabel ISD will continue its efforts to implement strategies to provide technical support for distance learning. Point Isabel I.S.D. will make every effort to ensure that instructional continuity is not disrupted by continuing to provide educational opportunities at home using all available district resources to engage in distance learning.

Below are some distance learning assistance links for staff, students, and parents.


Hotspot Information and Guides

Device & Device Care

Guidance to clean and care for devices.

WiFi Setup at Home

Guide on how to connect your device to home wifi or hotspot.

Online Safety

The internet is a wonderful place for learning and entertainment, but like the world around us, it can pose dangers if precautions are not taken. Allowing free access puts your child, your computer and your personal data at risk.

Be Eye Wise

If you are spending too much time in front of computers, your eyes are strained to the maximum, therefore, you should take regular breaks to keep your eyes healthy.

Google Classroom - Clever Support

Tips on how to log into Google Classroom using Clever.

Technology Support

School issued device won't work?

You can't access your google account?

You forgot to your email password?

We are here to support you.

We are available:

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.