Port Isabel High School Bell Schedule

  • Tardy policy
    A four (4) minute passing period is scheduled between classes allowing students sufficient time to report to class on time. A student is considered tardy if he/she walks into the class after the bell rings. Teachers will direct students that are tardy to the attendance office to receive a tardy pass. The attendance office is responsible for monitoring tardies and enforcing disciplinary consequences associated with the tardy policy for all students.

    The tardy policy for the school year will be as follows:

    Number of Tardies


    Number of Tardies Disciplinary Consequences
    3 1 Day ISS 
    5 3 Days ISS
    7 5 Days ISS
    10 10 Days ISS
    12 15 Days AEP

    If a student misses more than 20 minutes of class, that student will be considered absent; an exception will be made for 2nd period only. If a student misses less than the 20 minutes, the student will be counted tardy. Class activities such as tests and written assignments cannot be made up until the absence or tardy is cleared through the attendance office.


    Regular school attendance is essential for the student to make the most of his or her education, to benefit from teacher-led activities, to build each day’s learning on that of the previous day, and to grow as an individual. Absence(s) from class may result in serious disruption of a student’s mastery of the instructional materials; therefore, the student and parent should make every effort to avoid unnecessary student absence(s). (See the Campus Student Handbook for more information)