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    The mission of the Point Isabel I.S.D. Technology Department is to reduce the vulnerability of the Point Isabel I.S.D. school network environment, implement state-mandated cybersecurity policies and cybersecurity defense systems that neutralize advanced threats, thereby contributing to the protection of student, staff, and district information. 

    CyberSecurity and Senate Bill 820

    With the passage of Senate Bill 820 from the 86th Texas Legislature, districts are now required to implement several security measures. Beginning September 1, 2019, districts will need to:

    • Designate a CyberSecurity Coordinator
    • Adopt a cybersecurity policy
    • Report any breach of student personally identifiable data to TEA

    Cybersecurity Policy:

    A district is required to have a cybersecurity policy to:

    1. secure district cyberinfrastructure against cyber-attacks and other cybersecurity incidents.
    2. determine cybersecurity risk and implement mitigation planning

    The policy may not conflict with the Information security standards for institutions of high education adopted by the Department of Information Resources under Chapters 2054 and 2059, Government Code. 

    (source: Texas K12 CTO Council)

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