• When using the Point Isabel I.S.D. logos, please follow these guidelines:

    It is vital that only the official Point Isabel I.S.D. logo is used. The Point Isabel I.S.D. logo should not be modified, redesigned, or combined with any other logo that might alter the logo’s design or colors.

    When using the Point Isabel I.S.D. logos do not crowd with text or place text over it. They should not be squeezed into or stretched into a part of the layout which may distort the image. When having to enlarge or shrink the logo to fit a layout, hold down the shift key to maintain the logo’s proportions.

    To download right-click on the image, then save.

  • transparent logo



  • PTI

  • Tarpon

  • All written correspondence should be formatted using a block style format and 12 point Times New Roman font (an 11 size font can be used for space constraints). Below is the letterhead logo.