Triumph and Tenacity: Tarpon XC Shines at Friday Night Lights-McAllen Invitational

Mcallen, Texas- The Tarpon Cross Country (XC) team has once again demonstrated their remarkable dedication and skill at the highly anticipated Friday Night Lights-McAllen Invitational on Friday, August 18, 2023. This exhilarating event brought together athletes from across the valley for a night of fierce competition under the stars. We're especially proud to congratulate Lizbeth Perez for her outstanding performance, securing a remarkable 12th place finish in the freshmen division. Read on to learn more about this thrilling event and the shining star of Tarpon XC.
Lizbeth Perez's Phenomenal Achievement:
Among the many incredible athletes who participated, Lizbeth Perez, a member of the Tarpon XC team, truly stood out. In the freshmen division, Lizbeth demonstrated her unwavering commitment and skill by securing a remarkable 12th place finish. Her accomplishment not only reflects her individual dedication but also the training and support provided by the Tarpon XC team and coaching staff.
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The Friday Night Lights-McAllen Invitational was a night of triumph and tenacity for the Tarpon XC team. Congratulations to Lizbeth Perez for her remarkable 12th place finish in the freshmen division—a testament to her dedication and skill. The Tarpon XC team continues to inspire us all with their teamwork, resilience, and pursuit of excellence. We eagerly await the next chapter of their journey and look forward to witnessing their continued success on the cross-country course.