Tarpon Athletics

Tarpon Mission
The Point Isabel ISD Athletic Program is dedicated to cultivating an environment that promotes respect, leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, and a commitment to excellence. Our primary goal is to instill lifelong values of accountability, integrity, structure, and discipline in our student-athletes through competitive athletics. We envision transforming the urban school experience by offering comprehensive opportunities for teaching, learning, and personal growth for all our student-athletes.
We firmly believe that athletics is an integral part of a student's educational journey, working hand in hand with academics to nurture the holistic development of each child. The field, court, and swimming pool serve as classrooms for our student-athletes, providing valuable learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom setting.
Our dedicated coaches play a pivotal role in the social and emotional development of our student-athletes. Through athletics, they guide and mentor students, helping them enhance their self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and responsible decision-making skills. Simultaneously, our coaches foster a sense of personal growth, character development, and overall well-being in each student-athlete.
Forms & Resources
Clear Bag Policy
In an effort to improve safety and security, Point Isabel ISD has a clear bag policy at all large-scale events held at the Tarpon Stadium and Tarpon Complex. This includes events such as varsity football games, band marching contests, and other highly attended events. 

Bags that are permitted include:

  • Bags that are clear plastic and do not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12″
  • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags
  • Small clutch bags or purses that do not exceed the size of a hand

Bags not permitted include:

  • Backpacks, printed pattern plastic bags, fanny packs, purses, reusable grocery totes, mesh or straw bags, duffle bags, large totes, camera or binocular cases.
  • Diaper bags are not allowed. Items normally carried in a diaper bag must be put into a clear plastic bag for venue entry.
Coach Tony
Tony Villarreal
Athletic Director
Johvonne Hernandez Howard
Girl's Athletic Coordinator
Jeremiah Galindo 
Jeremiah Galindo
Athletic Trainer