Tropical Storm Advisory Update:

Port Isabel, Texas-
(2:10 PM)
2 Hour Instructional Time Delay
In Light of the tropical weather advisory, there will be a 2 hour delay to all district schedules. Bus routes will be subject to the 2 hour delay. ACE morning program will be cancelled. PI-ISD campuses & facilities will open at 8:00 AM. PI-ISD will keep all staff and families updated of any precautionary changes. 
Instructional hours are as followed:
Elementaries: 9:40 AM
Junior High: 9:45 AM
High School: 10:10 AM
(11:28 AM)
Brief Overview (National Weather Service)
The National Hurricane Center has raised the status of the rapidly advancing energy wave in the central Gulf to Potential Tropical Cyclone 9. Anticipated slow and gradual intensification is projected for later today and into the night, likely leading to the formation of Tropical Storm Harold. 
Tropical Storm Warnings are currently active for the entire Lower Texas coastline, encompassing communities like Laguna Vista, Port Isabel, and South Padre Island in Cameron County, as well as all areas within Willacy and Kenedy County. This warning is due to the significant potential for tropical storm force winds (39 mph+) in the region.
A Coastal Flood Advisory has been issued, primarily for the time frame from late tonight to mid-morning Tuesday during high tide cycles. This advisory pertains to potential tidal run-up onto narrow beaches, reaching up to the dunes.
The presence of Dangerous Rip Currents and High/Rough Surf is still anticipated.
More details will be available at 1:45 P.M.- Monday, August 21, 2023.