Port Isabel Early College High School Students Earn Academic Honors from College Board National Recognition Programs

Port Isabel, Texas- November 13, 2023

Port Isabel Early College High School (PIECHS) is proud to announce that 17 of its students have earned academic honors from the College Board National Recognition Programs. These prestigious programs commend students for their hard work in high school and highlight their exceptional academic performance. The awards specifically recognize students in rural areas, as well as those who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or Latino, providing them with a platform to showcase their accomplishments to colleges and scholarship programs actively seeking diverse talent.


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The following PIECHS students received these distinguished honors:

  • Arabella Serrata: National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA)
  • David Ornelas: National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA)
  • Erika Olmos: National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA)
  • Francisco Palestina: National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA)
  • Ghesline Medina: National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA)
  • Grace Ortiz: National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA)
  • Jade Higginbotham: National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA)
  • James Martinez: National Rural and Small Town Award (NRSTA)
  • Jamison Stull: National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA)
  • Lylith Rodriguez: National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA), National Rural and Small Town Award (NRSTA)
  • Rogelio Cruz: National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA), National Rural and Small Town Award (NRSTA)
  • Ryan Vogel: National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA)
  • Skyla Fernandez: National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA)
  • Solana Slater: National Rural and Small Town Award (NRSTA)

"We’re thrilled to celebrate our students and recognize them for the great work they’ve been doing. We’re proud of their strong academic performance in the classroom and on College Board assessments like the PSAT/NMSQT®, PSAT™ 10, and AP® exams," said Celina Scott. "There’s so much that makes our students unique, and receiving this honor reinforces this as an asset for their future."

The eligibility criteria for these awards include a GPA of 3.5 or higher, PSAT/NMSQT or PSAT 10 assessment scores within the top 10% of assessment takers in each state, or earning a score of 3 or higher on 2 or more AP Exams in 9th and 10th grade. Students eligible for these honors are invited to apply on BigFuture during their sophomore or junior year and are awarded at the start of the next school year, allowing them to share their achievements as they plan for the future.

"It’s becoming increasingly hard for students to be ‘seen’ during the college recruitment process. We’re exceptionally proud of the National Recognition Programs for celebrating students who are at times overlooked but have shown their outstanding academic abilities," said Tarlin Ray, Senior Vice President of BigFuture® at College Board. "This is a benefit not only for students but also for colleges and universities committed to recruiting diverse and talented students."

For media inquiries, please contact: 

Juliette Gonzalez-Barajas
Communications Specialist