Outstanding Victory for PIECHS Boys Powerlifting Team at Pace Invitational

Port Isabel, Texas  (January 23, 2024) — The Port Isabel Early College High School (PIECHS) Boys Powerlifting Team has emerged triumphant at the Pace Invitational held on January 19, 2024. The Tarpon Powerlifting team exhibited exceptional strength and determination, securing top positions in various weight categories. Our boys powerlifting team, under the direction of Coach John Calvillo, secured the 1st place award for team lifts.
Tarpon Powerlifting
The results are as follows:
Boys Powerlifting Standings:
- Arnold Lopez: 1st Place (114 lbs)
- Giovanni Gonzalez: 3rd Place (165 lbs)
- Jose Daniel Galvan: 3rd Place (181 lbs)
- Aaron Barrera: 1st Place (181 lbs)
- Noah Hernandez: 1st Place (198 lbs)
- Arnulfo Hernandez: 3rd Place (220 lbs)
- Mario Nava: 2nd Place (242 lbs)
- Luis Varela: 2nd Place (275 lbs)
- Carlos Cabrera: 1st Place (275 lbs)
Natalie Martinez
Girls Powerlifting Standings:
- Natalie Martinez: 1st Place (148 lbs)
- Esmeralda Montoya: 1st Place (132 lbs)
- Emma Villarreal: 2nd Place (220 lbs)
The entire PIECHS community congratulates each athlete for their outstanding achievements. The dedication, hard work, and perseverance displayed by the powerlifting team are truly commendable. These remarkable athletes have not only showcased their physical prowess but also exemplified the values of sportsmanship and teamwork.
Kudos to the coaching staff for their guidance and support, and a special acknowledgment to each athlete for their stellar performance. The success of the PIECHS Boys Powerlifting Team at the Pace Invitational is a testament to the commitment to excellence within our athletic program.
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